Due to a high number of staff who are ill or quarantined and illness in our elementary student body, Cory-Rawson Local Schools will operate remotely Thursday, November 4; Friday, November 5; and, Monday, November 8, 2021.  We will return in-person on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.  Operating remotely means that students will not be on-campus and will have assignments to complete either online or using paper, especially at the lower grades.  Our principals will provide more details to families very soon as to what to expect (added below).

*CLARIFICATION:  All students PK-12 will be remote for these 3 days.

By having teachers and students work remotely, these days will not count toward our calamity days we use for weather.  Banquets,  practices, and scrimmages are cancelled through Monday afternoon.

It’s been our goal to keep our students learning in-person this year as we know that’s most effective.  However, due to a lack of substitutes, especially for our bus drivers, this is the best alternative at this time and was not an easy decision to make.  Like other school districts, we are in need of substitutes for all positions!  If you are interested, details are included on this flyer.

The end of the first quarter will be extended to Friday, November 12.

Watch your email for details from Dr. Hilty and Mrs. Gerten.  Thank you for your help with this and it’s our goal that this is an isolated issue, that we remain in-person through the end of the school year.

Thank you,
Jay Clark


I hope this email finds you well. As you may have read in Mr. Clark’s email, Cory-Rawson Local Schools will be remote learning Thursday, November 4th, Friday, November 5th and Monday, November 8th. Students will return in person to school on Tuesday, November 9th. 

For remote learning days, students are expected to work on assignments that are being prepared and sent home with your student(s) today. This instruction will be over review topics that students have already covered in class. Because of the short term notice and short period of remote learning days, students will not be sent home with chromebooks and are not expected to check in virtually. However, paper assignments not completed during the remote learning will count as absences. 

Grade cards and the end of quarter will be delayed until November 12th. If your student is absent today, makeup assignments will be placed in the A1 entrance and can be picked up until 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 4th. Please communicate with your student’s teacher if you have any questions about assignments.


Dr. Hilty

HIGH SCHOOL (grades 7-12):

As you know we will be remote tomorrow, Friday and Monday. Here are your expectations over the course of these 3 days.  

 Keep in mind the end of the 1st quarter is this Friday!

  1. You are expected to use this time to complete any missing work you have in any of your classes.

  2. You are expected to reach out to your teachers regarding any questions or concerns you have about any of this work. This help can come in the form of a zoom call, emails back and forth or a phone call. You are responsible for pulling your end in contacting your teacher if you need help. They will be monitoring emails and will be available during the normal school hours.

  3. You are expected to log into Google Classroom daily and monitor your emails. Teachers will be reaching out to you also regarding the work that is still due and any help that is needed.

  4. Teachers will only be accepting late work for the quarter through Wednesday (originally this date was this Friday). This is your last and final day to turn in late work. It is your responsibility to communicate with your teacher about this late work.  

**8th Graders - All tickets for the OSU vs. Purdue game will be due Tuesday when we return. The drawing will take place Tuesday after school.

**Millstream Students - Please plan to report to Millstream as scheduled. All busses to and from Millstream will run as they normally do.

Special assignments from Mrs. Gerten : )

  • Over the 3 days:
    • Clean your bedroom
    • Make supper one night
  • Daily:
    • Change the laundry
    • Do the dishes
    • Pick up after yourself
    • Send one positive email to a classmate or staff member.

If you have any questions or are having issues with your device and or internet please do not hesitate to email me or call into the school. 

We will see you all back here on Tuesday, November 9th!  

I will be checking in via email so be looking for that too!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Brianna Gerten