7-12 Morning Announcements

Monday Announcements:

  • Start planning your Halloween costume now for our annual contest at the end of the month! Categories are funniest, scariest, most original, best couple and best group. Open to all students and teachers 7-12.
  • There will be a meeting during lunch on today in the old cafeteria for anyone interesting in playing junior high boys basketball.
  • This year's Red Ribbon Week theme is Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free. The theme is a call to action to speak out in support of healthy choices. It also serves as a reminder that we are all empowered with shaping the communities around us through positivity, bravery and strength.
    It is great to see all of the RED today as we are RED’Y to live Drug Free. Tomorrow we will be wearing our favorite jersey or team shirt. This week we will be sharing information each day about a substance concern that is impacting Cory-Rawson as well as schools across our nation ~ Vaping. Vaping Fact of the day ~ One of the most common misconceptions surrounding vaping is that e-cigarettes are not real cigarettes and therefore do not contain harmful nicotine. While there are some vapes that do not have nicotine, most products do contain it. Furthermore, these exceptions are frequently modified devices or black-market e-liquids that use other chemicals instead, such as (THC), the most recognizable component in marijuana. This is especially dangerous because the liquids typically have a higher concentration of THC than users would receive from simply smoking marijuana on its own. Today at Lunch the Sophomores will play our Juniors for Red Ribbon Volleyball. First to 15 will win and play Tuesday’s winner on Wednesday.
  • On Tuesday October 25th the Freshman class will be touring Millstream Career Center for Future Options Day in the afternoon. All students will be given an brief introduction to each of the Millstream Programs.

Tuesday Additions:

  • Junior high boys basketball open gym is from 3:15 to 5:00 Tuesday and Thursday this week.
    Thank you for TEAMING UP with the Hopeful Hornets against VAPES today! Wednesday we will be wearing our Pajamas - remember to still follow the dress code. Vape Fact of the Day: Vapes Contain Other Harmful Chemicals. Studies done on vaping products have already identified several worrisome chemicals. One of these that particularly stands out is formaldehyde, which is best known for its presence in household products including laundry and dish detergents, soap and body wash, and manufactured wood furniture. It is also frequently a component of glues and adhesives. People are naturally exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde in the air, but in higher doses the American Cancer Society has reported a link to several different types of cancer, primarily leukemia. Today's Lunch Volleyball has been postponed due to the Millstream Field trip. There will now be a Double Header on Wednesday. The Seniors will play the Freshman at the start of Lunch,. The winner will then play the Sophomores.
  • NHS and NJHS members, please be sure to check Google Classroom for some important information about the practice for the Induction ceremony and an opportunity to earn service points by participating in the Trunk or Treat this Saturday
  • Congratulations to the Boys soccer team who knocked off #1-seeded Huron on Saturday. They will take on Mansfield Christian on Wednesday evening at 5 PM at Tiffin Columbian High School. Be sure to come out and support the boys!

Wednesday Additions:

  • Red Ribbon Week continues as we Celebrate Life and Live Drug Free! Staying drug free means investing in your current and future health. You do not have to use drugs or vape to fit in. Celebrate your uniqueness each and every day!
    Today’s PJs are a reminder to follow your dreams and not let vapes or drugs get in your way. Tomorrow will be having a GLOW Party - so remember to wear your neon or bright colors to school! VAPE FACT of the DAY: While cigarette use among teens has decreased, vaping has found a new home.The percentage of U.S. teens who said they had vaped nicotine in the past month increased from 7% to 17% between 2017 and 2019. Marijuana vaping rose from just over 3% to almost 10% during that time. Regardless of the reason for vaping this research shows that it is our young people that are at greatest risk. We want you to know the risks and be ready to say NO! Today at Lunch we will have a Volleyball Double Header! The Freshmen will play the Seniors in our first game. The winner will then play Monday's Winning Sophomore Class. Both games will be played to 15 points. The winner of the 2nd game will then play the Mystery team for GLOW VOLLEYBALL on Thursday.
  • At the beginning of EMPIRE period today, all 7th and 8th grade girls should report to the Auditorium for a brief 15 minute meeting.
  • Please excuse the boys soccer team at 2:45 PM today for their game at Tiffin Columbian against Mansfield Christian. An announcement will be made via the PA to release the team.
  • Seniors--your pink half sheets are due to the office by Friday. Please drop them off at your earliest convenience.

Thursday Additions:

  • We are all too BRIGHT for Vapes and other drugs! Making healthy choices will ensure a brighter future! You won't reget it!
    During JH lunch the 7th vs 8th grade GLOW Volleyball game will take place. Hs Lunch will be the SENIORS vs the MYSTERY team for GLOW VOLLEYBALL On Friday - wear your GREEN and GOLD and show your HORNET Spirit! VAPE FACT of the DAY: Not only are vapes used to inhale nicotine, but virtually any substance that can be dissolved in water can be consumed through vaping systems. This includes marijuana, THC, cocaine, opioids, psychedelics, and amphetamines. This could be catastrophic, especially to the unsuspecting person, as vapes deliver the drug much faster to the brain and in higher concentrations, increasing the potential for overdose, and death.
  • Seniors - Reminder Herff Jones will be in the building from 2-6 today to take orders and answer any questions you may have.

Friday Additions:

  • Today is the last day of Red Ribbon Week and we want to thank you for your participation in supporting a healthy, drug free lifestyle. We hope you continue to think about what the meaning of the theme 'Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free' truly means. Set your goals in life, have fun, we can't wait to see what you can achieve.
  • Congratulations to the Seniors and 8th graders for their Glow Volleyball Victory! VAPE FACT of the Day: In 2019, research through multiple studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine reported a link between vapes and increased odds for developing asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.The CDC had confirmed that vaping was associated with 60 deaths in the United States as of January 20, 2021.. The reason for these deaths were as a result of vaping related lung injuries. We encourage you to make choices today that will have a positive impact of your future.
  • Remember that the costume contest will take place on Monday! We will have a parade through the middle and high school at the beginning of Empire for everyone who would like to participate, then hold voting with a Google Form and announce winners at the end of the day. Be creative and have fun with it; we can't wait to see everyone's costumes!
  • Attention all 7th and 8th grade students. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the JH will be participating in the Helping Hands food drive through the University of Findlay competing against other middle schools in Hancock County. The middle school that collects the most pounds per pupil will receive a pizza party from Dominoes as well as the Golden Can Award.
    Please plan to bring canned goods, specifically peanut butter, canned soup, canned fruit, cereal, and bottled juice into your 1st period teacher. The 1st period that collects the most pounds will receive a special prize! The last day to submitt donations is Tuesday, November 2nd during 1st period.